Saturday, February 14, 2015

drinking - the last word

So... this ends my current thoughts about what we drink. Let's recap, shall we?
  • Drink more water. Then drink more. My body really likes more water. I peed more at first, but things evened out and all is well.
  • Try drinking water first thing in the morning. I like mine with the juice of a lime; whatever works for you, do it! I thought my stomach would be upset, but it wasn't. For those who struggle with that, do your regular morning routine, then add water as soon as you can.
  • Consider carefully what other things you drink. Watch for caffeine; used judiciously, it can be a benefit; overuse of caffeine can harm your health. Energy drinks should only be used for emergencies (is there a "caffeine emergency"? Maybe...).
  • If you drink sodas, realize what you are putting in your body. If you want to feel better, reduce the number of sodas you drink. If you can, reduce it all the way down to zero.
  • Stay away from manufactured drinks, or at least carefully read labels. "Fruit juices" are often misleading. Better to eat the whole fruit!
  • Try some new things to drink: green (or white) tea, kombucha, coconut water. Experiment! You won't like everything, but be curious about what good things are available.
  • Watch out for sweeteners of all types. "Natural" sweeteners like sugar, honey, agave are still highly refined (unless you tend your own bees). "Artificial" sweeteners trick our taste buds and our bodies into thinking that we have eaten sugar, when no such thing has occurred. From my personal experience, once I stopped tricking my body with diet sodas my sugar cravings fell off dramatically! Imagine what will happen when I finally use no sweetener at all! (Will that day ever come? Not yet, but keep reading and we may find out together!)
  • Finally, drink more water.
Now I'd like to hear from you. Are you drinking more? If not, why not? If so, how's it going? I've been consciously adding water to my afternoons, where I've tended more towards tea. The most difficult part for me is remembering to do it!! So, adding post-its to the fridge is one way to help remember. (And, frankly, writing this blog is helping me too!)

Our next topic may be easier... or not... breathing!


  1. Hey Jane,
    I'm loving your series! It's making me think more and I appreciate all your research. Keep up the good work!
    Love ~ Cindy

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