Friday, March 27, 2015

Thinking about food...

Once again, our nation seems to be polarizing into the extremes of the continuum... this time regarding eating "healthy." On the one hand, we have a crowd of people who have discovered the amazing health benefits (and apparently every other benefit under the sun) of kale, quinoa, and juicing. On the opposite hand, we have the "average" American who is accustomed to the Standard American Diet (SAD) and likes it. The "averagers" generally have weight issues, and have tried every diet under the sun, but it's been so long now and they're tired of fighting, and they just want to eat what they want to eat and forget the rest. In the middle are the rest of us (me included), who are aware that our diet is SAD and that being overweight isn't healthy, and we are willing to make some changes. But, please don't ask me to completely give up red meat, or chocolate cake, or chips. I'm willing to cut down on those things and eat more plants, but there is very little advice for how to go about it. The advice seems to be "all or nothing." Give up every form of sugar (especially artificial) or die a horrible death. Never eat meat again or live in misery and fat. Yikes!

The following video is from Jon Stewart (who I don't always find funny), and he comments on this very thing (YouTube deleted the 'original' version, but this one currently works!):

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  1. Unfortunately youtube has taken the link down :( . . . .

    I agree, I wish we had some kind of healthy middle ground approach around us.