Saturday, March 12, 2011

Coming in April...

I am so grateful that I'm finally "coming back into life." In October, I started tutoring at Sedgefield Elementary School, teaching K-3 kids how to read. We'll finish at the end of March, and I've had a blast with this "tiny-little-part-time" job. In February, I got a contract to teach Excel to the folks at  Hagan Davis Law Firm. Another wonderful opportunity, and I have built up more stamina. At the end of March, this contract is also finished (until the next training sessions).

So, in April, I'm looking for meaningful work and a chance to broaden my horizons. Hence, this blog. I'm going to use the new month to review what's happened to me, and what's happening now. I hope it won't be too boring... just a chance to mull over the life lessons available to me through the 3.5 years of pain. (Wow, sounds melodramatic, huh?)

So, see you in April (if not before). Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Coming Back Into Life

I feel like I've missed the last 3 years... and now, I'm "Coming Back Into Life."