Friday, April 10, 2015

"i" is for ice cream

So... not many foods that begin with "I"... but I do love things with "ice" as part of their name, and I do like adding ice to my smoothies (sometimes I pretend that it's a green Frappuccino!)...

Ice Cream

Ice cream is my downfall. It is my kryptonite, my weakness, my favorite sweet thing in the whole world. When I was in my 30's, I began to have digestive distress for no known factor - they tested me for colitis, ulcers, and other stuff but found nothing. Then, my husband was reading an article about adults developing lactose intolerance (long before food intolerances became fashionable). So, I stopped drinking milk and in 3 days my symptoms were gone. But, then I realized the horrible truth - ice cream is made from milk products. OH NO! At that time, there were no pills to take and no variations on ice cream for the dairily-challenged. So, I went for almost a decade with no ice cream. So sad... Then, Breyers (wonderful, adorable, fantastic company) started making Lactose-free Vanilla ice cream, and I could enjoy my favorite treat again! It wasn't easy to find, but it was great to have the option. Of course, as time went by, companies started making frozen yogurt (which I can handle on occasion), soy-based ice cream, and lots of other alternatives. But, none as good as plain old ice cream.

Then, 2 years ago, some friends and I went on a cruise. If you've ever been on a cruise, you know that ice cream is self-serve 24 hours every day. I made the decision that I would try the little pills and see if I could eat some ice cream with their aid. Guess what - I could! And, I did! Over and over again! That one week on the ocean started what I have termed "THE YEAR OF ICE CREAM." I couldn't get enough. Now that I had the magic pill, I could have ice cream whenever and wherever I wanted. I could go to Cold Stone Creamery and order anything! I could go to any grocery store and pick up any flavor! I could get drive through milkshakes again! Heaven!

Can you guess that there might have been a down side to the year of ice cream? Yep, you're right... I put on a few pounds... more than a few. And, I began to discover that the sugar content of the ice cream was making me feel bad, even though the lactose issue was handled. So, I had to stop. It wasn't easy, and I slipped up often, but I knew that I couldn't have as much ice cream as I want. I also discovered a very important principle for eating in general: if I buy it I will eat it!  So, I don't buy ice cream much any more, and when I do, I try to get a really small carton. Or, I get something my husband will share with me. And, I know that I will eat whatever amount of ice cream is at hand and then still want more. I don't think I'll ever be able to balance my ice cream eating so that I can just have a "little bit." But, I'll keep trying. Because, I want to enjoy ice cream sometimes. I don't want to go back to "I can't have any." And, I don't want to go back to "I have to eat all there is." Somewhere in the middle, somewhere beyond the rainbow, somehow, I'll figure a ways to enjoy some...

Wish me luck.


  1. I wonder why we all have foods that having "a little bit" just seems impossible . . .

  2. Sounds like my approach to most junk food.