Wednesday, April 29, 2015

"y" is for yogurt, yams


I have always enjoyed yogurt as a treat (especially the frozen kind), but since I've been more nutrition-oriented, I really appreciate yogurts many fine qualities. First, it's delicious! I have started having Greek yogurt for breakfast. I start with PLAIN yogurt. (Really! It's yucky when eaten alone, but sweetened with fruits and nuts it becomes yummy!) Second, it's high in protein. As a person whose body really likes more protein, I'm always looking for new sources (even I get a little tired of eggs and meat). Third, it's useful in many different ways. It can be substituted for sour cream (although I prefer to use the actual stuff). It can be used in many recipes as a substitute for either eggs or oil. There's even a "chocolate chip cookie dough yogurt snack" recipe that I just ran across that appears to be delicious! I'll be trying this soon!

Yams (and sweet potatoes)

I have also always like yams, but only had them occasionally (like at Thanksgiving, covered in marshmallows). But, since we've learned that they are much more nutritious that white potatoes, I often substitute yams as my side dish of preference. Especially at restaurants, where I'm tempted to load a white potato with all kinds of yummy and less-nutritious toppings, I can have a sweet potato with nothing added and still enjoy it fully.



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  1. Wait... are yams actually sweet potatoes or do I have that confused?

    Love your blog! Stopping by from the AtoZchallenge!