Friday, April 17, 2015

"o" is for onions, olives, oranges


On the "M" post last week, I noted that mushrooms and onions are surprisingly nutritious, and so I have been adding them to meals on a regular basis. Onions are especially delicious when cooked (I really don't like them raw), and if you haven't tried caramelized onions - you're in for a treat! Basically, just sauté them with a little fat (I like butter or olive oil) on low heat for a LONG time! My favorite way is to make a foil pouch full of onions and a little fat and seasoning, then put it on the grill before I grill out anything else. I leave it on a cooler spot and just let it cook. Many years ago, I was at a group cookout where a friend brought onions to be cooked that way, and we forgot about them until after we were all finished eating. When we finally opened the packet, they were golden brown and smelled so sweet! We couldn't resist enjoying them for 'dessert'!


I have always loved "pickled" things, and olives (black or green) top that list. Ever since we were privileged to visit Israel, where I saw my first living olive tree, I have enjoyed them even more. I don't really need to remind us that Olive Oil was the original 'healthy fat' in our Western culture; now that there are others widely available, we may forget about our old friend EVOO... but don't!

These days, I'm enjoying green olives chopped in my salads. I count out 6 (which are 40 calories), and cut them into small bits. They add an enormous amount of flavor and good fat, which a salad needs. And my local grocery store has an "olive bar," which allows me to try out new varieties in small quantities. I've never had a martini, but I think I'll order one this year... with extra olives!


Oranges, especially the little clementines available in the winter (sometimes marketed as halos or cuties), have become a staple in my fruit bowl. They last a long time, the clementines are easy to peel and have no seeds, and they're yummy! You can't beat an orange for sweetness and juiciness. I love them as a snack alone, in my smoothies, sectioned into my salads, or in a fruit mixture as part of dessert.


  1. Great choices for O. All of the best!

  2. I love those little Clementine oranges! They're such a yummy snack.

    Good luck with the A to Z Challenge!
    A to Z Co-Host S. L. Hennessy

    1. Thanks, I'll come to visit you, too!

  3. I adore clementines! We buy them in 5 lb. bags in the winters and they're always gone in a flash...perfectly little sweet snack. Elle @ Erratic Project Junkie