Tuesday, April 21, 2015

"r" is for rice, raspberries, raisins


A staple of our household, I like rice for its varieties and its simplicity. I like both white rice and brown rice, and I've been following a new blogger who makes a interesting argument FOR white rice (Butter Believer). Like quinoa, I cook my rice in broth for the flavor and more nutrition. It's also soothing to the stomach, so rice is a "go to" when it's upset. (The BRAT diet is good for tender stomachs: bananas, rice, apples, tea.)


Truthfully, I don't like raspberries very much. They are too tart for my taste. But I have discovered that just adding one or two, mushed up in my yogurt along with other fruits, gives my breakfast a little 'zing.' Plus, I'm grateful for raspberries for making such a great sauce to put on rich desserts (like cheesecake). So, this summer, I'm going to try more fresh raspberries to see if my taste buds are more accommodating than they have been!


Raisins have become my favorite "cravings quencher." When I really need something sweet, I put together a small bowl with 2 tbls of raisins and 2 tbls of almonds. This simple trail mix is hearty, sweet enough for my sweet tooth, and long-lasting so that I don't get a "sugar crash" afterwards. I am careful to measure because both raisins and almonds are high in calories - but also dense in nutrition! So, have some raisins and enjoy!



  1. Rice is a staple indeed, even though I dont love it much. Raisins? Now we're talking!

    1. Agreed! Have you tried other grains? Farro, Wheat Berries, Quinoa?

  2. Put them all together with some milk and have Rice Pudding!

    Great "R" choice.

    Tim Brannan, The Other Side Blog
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  3. I've become more and more fond of brown rice as the years have gone on. It just tastes better, fuller. Elle @ Erratic Project Junkie